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At SBA Financial Solutions, we provide comprehensive pension and financial support for employees, self-employed and companies. Our goal is to provide you with most of the tools, training and support to invest all your money and savings with great caution, efficiency and responsibility in the challenging economic environment. Our vision is to provide the best service, the most efficient and professional service, a personal attitude and a unique financial and pension portfolio that suits you personally. We cherish and appreciate the commitment given to us and the mission in the profession and therefore we will strive to achieve your goals in the most reliable and professional manner.


Our ultimate goal - to put your future and your family's future in the center.

Independent and Companies

Financial planning is essential in the Israeli market conditions, which are constantly changing. It is important for us to accompany you both financially and pensionally, to provide comprehensive advice that will help you, an independent small, medium or large business owner, to meet the complicated conditions of your business. We will collect information about the company's portfolios and financial instruments, check with you the options that are suitable for you in the market and select the most appropriate investment instrument in consideration of the tax factors. In addition, we will accompany the company's employees and choose from them a selection of investment houses and insurance companies with whom we manage the savings instruments under the best conditions. Finally, we will continue to help you with the various investment houses and examine the financial instruments from time to time to confirm that you are in the right management and most suitable for you.

Families and Individuals

We understand the importance of personal escort and building a long term relationship with our customers and their families. In a challenging economic environment with highly variable regulation, we would like to give you the opportunity to receive comprehensive financial advice from an objective body that will examine your family's financial assets and pensions and bring you to meet your financial goals. After a consultation session, we will work with you to collect information about you from the pension clearing house, the securities and deposits portfolios, finding lost assets, etc. Then we'll look at your needs and together we can reassign the assets more wisely. After the process, we will continue to accompany you and periodically examine your needs in order to respond to the changes taking place in your life and in the markets.

Wealth Management

our way to financial success


As more and more customers are taking the money out of bank deposits, are you also looking for the right investment product for you? We are here for you and our customers are our number one priority. We are ready to go a step further to make sure you are completely satisfied with the choice of investment channel we offer. Our services are designed to meet any type of investment in order to maximize profits with great care, professional responsibility and concern for your family's financial future. We examine together with you the different options available to you in relation to a number of different companies in a neutral manner and take into consideration the aspects of taxation, costs, long-term yields and changes in regulation. We believe that choosing the right investment product is a very important and important added value that ultimately makes the difference. Contact us to find out how we can help you.


 Pensions Funds

Until 120 - this is a realistic blessing


When life expectancy increases from year to year, and our 30-year-olds are expected to live to the age of 100, we must take it seriously and responsibly in order to survive the third age. Today, the average pension in Israel is only 5,000 NIS and is expected to decrease over the years, as a result of the increase in life expectancy. The state of Israel has begun to enact reforms that encourage long-term savings independently and reduce its "responsibility". The changes in the field, product selection and the company are critical parameters for improving our future pension, and we are committed to providing you with the most intelligent decisions in a neutral, professional and responsible manner.

Insurance  Portfolio

Accompanying an expert


How many of us read the fine print in long, tedious contracts? Probably not much. Let us do this for you, with maximum responsibility and professionalism of years. The level of complexity and variability between the competing companies' various products is extremely high and only a professional can help you "swim" in the pile of documents full of complex clauses and unclear legal regulations. Our goal is to build a comprehensive insurance portfolio for you, comprehensive but also fair in terms of price and without unnecessary redundancies while maintaining objectivity and neutrality vis-à-vis the various companies offering their products in the market. Contact us today to check all the insurance components available to you in the workplace, pension and provident fund and build an insurance portfolio that is right for you and your family.

Service To Retire

Taxation and regulation of retirees


Employees? Have you reached retirement age? Have you received a pile of documents and do not know how to handle the challenge with the tax assessor? We are here for you! In order to save tens and even hundreds of thousands of shekels in tax payments when you reach the end of your employment, you must meet with an expert in the field. This is a very complex and complex area, and you must take extra care to take advantage of all the tax benefits available to you and to carefully examine the possibilities available. We offer you the best and most professional service in the field with maximum attention to your needs and your family's needs. We will accompany you "hand in hand" to the tax assessor and guide you all the way to retirement in the best possible way. You are invited to arrange a consultation meeting.

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Who we are

Sharon Ben-Avraham - Bio

Sharon holds a bachelor's degree in economics and business administration and a master's degree in business administration, specializing in finance and a specialization in real estate financing from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, a pension insurance agent license from the Ministry of Finance, investments advisor license from the Israel Securities Authority and the intention taxation for retirement - under the guidance of Itzik Ben-Aroya. Sharon gained extensive experience in the financial field, before founding SBA Financial Solutions. He worked for about half a decade in the Psagot investment house in a variety of positions, among other things, in the private and business customers. In his last position he worked as the manager of the premium department, with many employees managing the company's strategic and large clients.

Over the years, he has undergone many tests, diverse specialties, professional training and various courses in order to provide the best, most personal and professional solution for each of the financial products and pensions in Israel.

Sharon Ben- Avraham
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